To unify truths from the forces of memories, dreams, rituals, and everyday encounters is my creative scheme. References to childhood wonder and solitude mark my design with layering of texture and color leading the eye from valleys of safety to peaks of fear and deprivation. Androgenous creatures and metaphysical landscapes are the main conventions with which I artistically speak. I balance gestural patterns and flowing forms, ambiguously representing the spontaneity of human emotions. Diversions from realism come naturally as I learn how to see and invent. A lighthearted spirit of my work both complements my adaptable nature and invokes curiosity and wonder in the observer.

Playing with clay, paint, ink, and digital media, I find delight in collaborations with both people and mediums. I am charmed by attentiveness to process as I explore new themes directly related to feelings of the day. Sensitivity, curiosity, and confidence are essential characteristics I have gathered from my experiences. My migration through places, religions, and socioeconomic classes have guided me to believe in the unseen, to reckon with the rules, and to transcend assumptions. I reflect on my indigenous roots, my femininity, and my young existence with contemporary insights. 

It is a blessing to be an artist breaking barriers of intuitive thought. I invite others to distract themselves from chaotic activity and find stillness while viewing through my multicolored lens.