My enthusiasm lies in communication and collaboration with other creatives, whatever their field, to open up reflections of the past, realizations of the present, and anticipation of the future. I socially advocate to interrupt ways of thinking that hold us back from seeing the whole picture. As an artist, I strive to find spirit in each moment, each living being, and each object before us. I seek to reach depths in consultation with individuals that can propel us to become guardians of our own and others’ experiences.

With current work at the Center of Southwest Studies on the Fort Lewis College campus in Durango, Colorado which houses a unique collection of historical, cultural, and natural resources, I play a significant role in elevating student voices utilizing dynamic human creations of the past. I have an unwavering passion for empathetically and responsibly engaging with individuals concerning the truths of their identity and the state of our landscape. 

Not everyone wears their afflictions on their sleeve. I honor that we are all human seeking to fathom our connectedness to the earth and searching to find beauty in traumas and joys alike.